Reinhart's American Pie

I’m reading American Pie by Peter Reinhart that was published in 2003—way before Pizza Bible (2014). Interestingly, when Reinhart talks about home ovens, he does mention using two pizza stones! He didn’t recommend the method, though, but instead recommended something called a HearthKit for the home oven. I think I’ve just given you the highlight of the book. (lol)

The first part of the book is a huge snore where Reinhart infuriatingly details just how loftily exquisite and refined his palette is. He talks forever about his travels far and wide to find the “perfect” pizza and then ranks each accordingly. Reinhart perches himself atop some category he imagines like: “Supreme Judge of All the World’s Pizza because my taste preferences are irrefutable and I have oodles of time and money to travel to just taste pizza.” He ranks his preferences as though they are verifiable scientific facts with no room for debate (& sneers at his friends who aren't similarly "in the know").

For me, and I think for most people, pizza is about something else—something much more. Unfortunately for Reinhart, his favorite pizza turned out to be in places nowhere near easy access for him. How sad and funny is that?!—Your fav pizza only a couple of times in this lifetime; the rest of the time you’re just slumming. . .

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posted 12 months ago

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