San Marzano Tomato Flavor

After watching Tony on you tube got The Pizza Bible. Only ankle deep so far but what a great resource. I am learning by making mistakes.

This book has taught me how to finally get that "Tomato Flavor" to come through. I always thought it was some special spice/herb and it turns out for me it is nothing more than process and a little sea salt. You may say everybody knows that, well I didn't, so this alone is worth the price of the book. Thanks Tony!

Process: Drain a can of San Marzano tomatoes.

A) Hand crush and put up with a few seeds or pick them out and retain that bulk tomato.
B) Run through a food mill and remove all seeds and skins but end up with a thin sauce.

Q. I want that "bulk" and "Tomato Flavor" is it option "A" or is there another way?

I will get off my soap box and await your thoughts.

Barry F.
posted over 1 year ago

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Hi Barry, one way to get more 'bulk' is through the draining process. Whenever I open a can of San Marzanos, or whole-peeled tomatoes, I put them in a fine mesh strainer over a measuring cup. I then use a fork or a knife to poke holes in the tomatoes. This helps release the juices trapped within the tomato.

After about 15-20 minutes a lot of the liquid has been removed. I keep this liquid and add it back if it's too thick. The measuring cup serves as a reference point- In general I want about 6 ounces of water removed to get the right consistency.

The process I outlined gets you both bulk and flavor! Hope this helps. :-)

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 1 year ago

Thanks Raj I will give that a try!

Barry F.
posted over 1 year ago

Just imagine if you had the actual fresh tomatoes' from San could concasse them and use a food mill to prepare the sauce....DON'T TELL THE SCUOLA ITALIANA PIZZAIOLI I TOLD YOU THIS....THAT'S CHEATING!

Thumb groundhog dave
James Arlotta
posted about 1 year ago

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