Sicilian pan replacement

Hey all,

Doing staff meal on Sunday where I work and I am wondering if I can use a standard sheet tray instead of the Sicilian pan and if there will be some unforeseen problems.

Thank you

Gil W.
posted 9 months ago

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And I'll be cooking this in a commercial convection oven without stones. Not sure if that will be a problem but we'll see

Gil W.
posted 9 months ago

Hey Gil, I've used sheet pans many times for Sicilian and focacia and it's tuned out fine. Go for it, you won't be disappointed.

Bill F.
posted 9 months ago

Should be fine. I've used heavy duty aluminum 1/2 sheet (1" high) pans and came out great. Be sure to use a good amount of olive oil though for prepping the pan for the bake (standard olive oil, not EVOO - it'll burn).

Richard Y.
posted 8 months ago

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