Sicilian Style - Pepperoni & Sausage

Making this Sicilian Style pizza was my first "authentic" home-made Sicilian Style pizza. The efficacy of the words favorite and best are become practically meaningless for me in regards to The Pizza Bible recipes, because the recipes are all outstanding.

I purchased the following goodies from Pennsylvania Macaroni to better follow the recipe: Ezzo Pepperoni, Margherita Pepperoni, Grande Whole Milk Mozzarella, Corto Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 7/11 and 6 in 1 Ground Tomatoes. The quality of ingredients make an immense difference in the taste of the pizza. The Ezzo pepperoni was much better than Kroger Private Label pepperoni. The Corto was comparable to California Olive Ranch, but more affordable. It was my first time using 7/11 Ground Tomatoes and I am impressed with the quality, quantity and price. Overall the costs are little bit more than mainstream grocery store brands, but the overall quality is profoundly better.

Folding the dough using the rustic square technique was a little tricky for me at first, but eventually I got it down. I pressed the dough to the rim of the pan instead of pulling it for fear it would tear. Planning is required for this pizza because it takes around 3 hours from being pulled from refrigeration to being par-baked. The good thing is that once the pizza is par-baked you can wrap it up and it will keep well for around 10 hours. I have noticed that the longer the par-baked crust sits the more character and taste it has.

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Matthew D.
posted over 3 years ago

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Looks like you nailed it. You've also realized important quality ingredients are. All flour looks the same, and so do tomatoes, but the stuff restaurants use differs from what is available at the super market. The brands you bought are top notch and really do make a difference.

Well done. Looks like you've managed to make a pizza at home that's far better than what you can get at most pizzerias.

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 3 years ago

Thank-you! It was definitely better than what is at most local pizzerias. I seriously do not think any local pizza places wander to far off the traditional NYC pizza dough with varying toppings path, probably because of demand, cost and profit constraints. But if you have no competition, then you win automatically so it still does not make logical sense. I would say there is room for competition. I know there are few in the state, but not locally. Here is a list some of the pizza places in the state. I grew up on Husson's and it was where I had one of my first jobs. It definitely beats the chain pizza brands without a question, but is still a few steps down from any of the pizzas that I have made from The Pizza Bible.

- Matthew   over 3 years ago

That looks great, my pizza attempt next weekend.

Never was a Hussons fan. At least in Huntington, too thin too saucy too soggy.
Gino's, poor pizza with poor ingredients.

One day, I'll try some of the others on the list. I'm surprised Pies and Pints is not there. If you ever get to Davis, WV, Siriani's is really good.

Another regional chain is Giovanni's. A buddy owns one and they do a good job and have good ingredients.

M.G. K.
posted over 3 years ago

Thanks, it tasted even better than it looked! The Hussons in Kanawha City may be better than the Hussons in the Huntington location. The Huntington location did not exist when I worked there. The quality does vary from location to location. If you are ordering delivery and the pizza is sitting for an extended time, then I can see where a thiner style dough with too much sauce could get soggy. One thing that I noticed was that the oven at Hussons had changed from one where you put the food in on the huge stone and let it sit until it is done, to one of these conveyor like ovens where the pizza is put in on one side and comes out on the other, sort of like Papa Johns. I like Gino's wings, pubwichs and calzones much better than I like their pizza. I was also surprised that Pies and Pints was not on the list. I wish their craft beer was priced lower, that they delivered, or would allow you to pick up. Sirianis is a gem! I had a pizza experience at Siriani's after mountain biking all day on the loop in Canaan Valley that was unforgettably good. Giovanni's makes good pizza to.

One of the blessings of the The Pizza Bible is that you have Tony, a world traveled and renowned pizza making champion, sharing his secrets and means of making pizza. I have not eaten pizza out since I started experimenting with recipes from The Pizza Bible and I am having mad fun!

- Matthew   over 3 years ago

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