Sicilian style recommended tempeture at wood fired oven


What is the recommended temperature for baking the best Sicilian pizza (using the 2 steps method) and how long?

The book is registered to do so at 450 degrees Fahrenheit, while in the YouTube video it is registered to do so at 500 or 600.

I have a wood fired oven, so there is no problem getting to higher temperatures than a home oven.


Michael L.
posted 10 months ago

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All of these are reasonable temperatures. This is the sort of thing where you'll need to do some experimenting to find the best temperature based on your dough, preferences and equipment. For my Sicilian, I use a deck oven and bake just under 500F.

That said, with this style of pizza, a higher oven temp might not always be as desirable.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted 10 months ago

The higher the temperature...the more the bottom of the pie and top will be burnt and the middle of the dough will be under-cooked.

The temperature of the deck oven and its constant steadiness is what differentiates a Neapolitan Style, (historically a fast prepared food for the slaves and workers' of the Roman Empire that they ate while walking,)[THANK'S MAGISTRA high school Latin teacher,] from a steady heat of the deck oven where its stone dissipates radiating the heat more evenly, than the wood fired oven.

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James Arlotta
posted 8 months ago

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