Slack and Sticky Dough

I live in Malaysia, specifically in a district named Petaling Jaya and the water hardness is around 55 mg CaCO 3 /L. The humidity is 98% in the area I live in (Google results for Kuala Lumpur weather). I followed the master dough from the Pizza Bible book closely for the Neopolitan dough recipe except for active dry yeast (DCL brand), the poolish which is left to ferment for 24 hours instead of 18 hours around 85°F and used Himalayan pink salt. However, the dough is extremely sticky and slack, it's impossible to knead after being in the mixer. I ended up adding about 5g of table salt and possibly another 50-80g of flour to be able to knead it. I'm using the recommended Caputo 00 Pizzeria flour. What should I do besides adding so much flour and salt which changes what the original recipe calls for?

SImon Ng
posted 15 days ago

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