Slice House (2nd St.) Questions

I am an amateur home pizza maker living in Seattle, but I visit SF regularly for business.

Last week I visited the Slice House on 2nd St for the first time and had one of the "Slices" of pepperoni for lunch. It was a fantastic slice of pizza.

Two quick questions:

1) I think I have narrowed down the style to either Classic American or New York style. Can anyone confirm the exact dough style it is?

2) I have the Pizza Bible... is the Classic American recipe the same as the one described in the Master Class section?

Thanks for any help!


Jason C.
posted over 4 years ago

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Hi Jason,

The slices, both Sicilian and round are just awesome at the slice house. In terms of style, I don't think it's a straight New York style pie. It's a little bit of each in my opinion, but Tony can officially answer since they are his creations. I say what I'm saying because New York style slices typically don't have semolina and have a rim that's a slightly less puffy. But, the sauce, cheese and thickness are all very reminiscent of a New York style pie.

Maybe I missed it, but where do you see a Classic American recipe in the Pizza Bible? The Master Dough is going to be very similar to, if not the same as, the round slices served at the Slice house. The Tony's Artisan is the exact flour being used, but you'll also get good results with other high gluten flours like All Trumps or Power:

Good luck and be sure to post some pictures once you've made it.


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Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 4 years ago


Thank you for the quick response. I have not tried Tony's Artisan flour, but it looks pretty good. I'll have to buy a bag next time I'm out of flour. I currently use Pendleton Power flour.

I just realized that the recipe in the Master Class section is the same as the Master Dough w/o Starter. My mistake.

I'm curious if the dough recipe is the similar for Tony's New Your Style and his Classic American. In the Tony Pizza Napoletana menu it differentiates between NY and american. It even says that Pendleton flour is used for american. As you said, it also may be a semolina and crust size difference.

Hopefully Tony is willing to respond or I'll just have to try both styles next time I'm in SF :)


- Jason   over 4 years ago

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