soft crust

I have an Il Fornino pizza oven and cook at 700 - 750. Using Tony's master dough recipe without starter, my crust is not as crispy as it should be. I am relatively new to making pizza. I'm not sure if I am missing something obvious. Thanks for any suggestions.

Mike G.
posted over 4 years ago

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Without more details, it's really difficult to say what the issue is. As Raj often asks (for good reason), can you post some photos?

While this is a gross oversimplification, when you bake your pizza, you're cooking three elements: the crust, the interior dough/crumb, and the toppings. Getting all three to finish at the same time is a learning process. If you're relatively new to pizza making, my recommendation would be to bake the pizzas at lower temperatures (550 or so) until you get a sense of heat management. The higher the temperature, the less room you have for error or adjustment.

Adam Sachs
posted over 4 years ago

I second Adam's recommendation to lower the temp.

700° - 750° F is a bit much for that type of dough. Like Adam said, lower the temp and increase the baking time and you will have a thoroughly baked pizza with a crispier crust and nice browning.

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Mike K.
posted over 4 years ago

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