Sour Dough Starter

Just curious but any thoughts on making pizza dough with a fresh sour dough starter? I am on the King Arthur website and they sell a fresh sour dough starter. I was wondering if there might be any advantage to using this over making my own biga or poolish from scratch every time I make pizza dough?

Paul Gardner
posted about 1 year ago

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Hi, Paul!
It will be much better if you use your own starter every time you make a pizza. And if you have some spare time, you might prepare your own levain, no problem

Giorgio O.
posted 11 months ago

If you use a homemade starter, make sure you use a scale to record exact amonts of flour and water you added. This makes calculation much easier when making dough at home.

For example, if you add 200 g of starter to a dough and you know its 50/50 water flour then you have 100 g water and 100 g flour in your dough before you add the rest of the ingredients. Doing it by EYE creates variation.

I have a starter that is 10 months old and is VERY sour, butt adding 100-200 g per dough creates a little sourness. Nothing CRAZY. BUt it depends on the flour and water and the way you treat and store your starter.


Andrew M.
posted 11 months ago

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