Sourdough Starter Activation Help

I just received the Original San Francisco Culture from Ed Wood's Sourdough International.

The main purpose of the starter is to use in my pizza dough.

Should the flour I feed the culture match the flour I use to make my pizza dough? For instance I use 00 flour, should I be using 00 in my starter? Should I use all purpose bread flour?

Any help is appreciated.


Joe Carbone
posted 10 months ago

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It will take several days to fully activate your starter, during which you will be dumping most of the mixture and refeeding. The type of flour used early on is not so important. You may even want to use some rye or whole wheat as these tend to speed up the start. As you approach a fully active starter you may want to feed it exclusively with the flour you will use for your baking.

Glenn Ferrell
posted 9 months ago

Thanks Glenn. All went well. I fed with Caputo Tipo 1

- Joe   9 months ago

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