Sourdough Starter instead of Poolish

Hi everyone,

I’d like to try a sourdough Neapolitan, I already have my own starter and wondered if it would work to replace the 90g poolish in Tony’s recipe with 90g starter (100% hydration)? Would I need to amend the recipe in any other way?


Stephen Lavery
posted 10 months ago

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It depends on the starter, but swapping out the poolish is a good starting point. Given both the poolish and the starter are 100% hydration, the overall hydration of the dough won't be affected.

Really, this will come down to the starter, and there's no way to tell until you try.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted 10 months ago

I substituted a wild sourdough bread starter and the dough came out great. It was a slightly sour with a nuttier taste, not overwhelming though. Give it a try!

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Ron Bitzer
posted 10 months ago

Thanks both. Would you recommend still adding the 7g fresh yeast when mixing the dough or could it be left out?

Stephen Lavery
posted 10 months ago

The recipe worked great , it turned out fantastic

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Stephen Lavery
posted 10 months ago

Nice presentation....simple. Simple food for what was thought to be for "simple people."

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James Arlotta
posted 9 months ago

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