Squid ink pizza dough question

Hi guys,

Just read a post about Della Pace Pizza's Squid ink pizza. It looks cool and I am planning to buy some squid ink to have a try. Does anyone know the squid ink % that I should add to the dough recipe?

Many Thanks

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Nick Xie
posted over 3 years ago

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Whoa, that's crazy. You know, I haven't the slightest idea, but as a starting point, take a look at squid ink pasta recipes. I just consulted the SPQR cookbook.. for the squid ink linguine recipe, it calls for 1 teaspoon of ink for a recipe consisting of about 340 grams of flour. Hope this helps.

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 3 years ago

Thanks Raj, I will post an update after I made one.

Nick Xie
posted over 3 years ago

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