Starter proportion adjustments

I am a newbie and looking to scale the standard master dough with starter recipe. The book references adjustments to other ingredients based on the additional flour from the starter. But is not too clear.

As the baker proportions section already lists the starter proportion as 20%, do the other ingredient proportions account for this flour content?

Also, just verifying that starter scales uniformly with flour... so if I start with 1kg flour (basically doubling), I would use 200g starter... made by scaling up the tiga recipe.

And in this example, would I use 1kg as the reference for other ingredient proportions, or closer to 1120g including the flour from scaled starter?

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Dan L.
posted about 1 month ago

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If you are given a baker's percentage table which includes a starter, you don't need to think about that starter's flour amount. A recipe has made the adjustments already but if you adding starter then you should take this into account.

1kg flour, 20% starter = 200g and even though the starter contains 100g of flour that is not your concern, just follow the baker's percentage as it is.

1kg flour, no starter. If you want to add a starter in this recipe then you need to make adjustments because you are about to add more flour.

Jay M.
posted about 1 month ago

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