Struggling to get decent results

Hi All,

New to this site but have been trying to make authentic pizza at home for a couple of years now.

After a bit of research I think the main issue is my oven just wont get hot enough. The obvious answer would be to purchase a pizza oven but I'm just not sure I can justify that kind of expense.

The article below seems to suggest you can get pretty decent results using a pizza stone in a conventional oven....

Anyone tried using one? Cost wise its a much cheaper option but I'm just wondering if its worth it or do I just save up for a proper oven?

All help greatly received!

James K.
posted 19 days ago

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Hi James, I been there and I know how frustrating can be to not obtain a decent result. Once I started to use the stone in my home oven that changed. It is a great way to go. In the Pizza Bible Book, Tony teach the usage of pizza stones. Good luck!

cesar Echegaray
posted 18 days ago

I use two stones with fantastic results another option is getting a baking steel.

Salvatore C.
posted 8 days ago

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