Testing Pizzas

Hi all,

I'd like to share my testing results with you in this post.

I will begin with the biggest batch I've ever made during my Pizza Party last night :-) --> I specifically set this event up so I could practice more. I made 12 Classic Italian pizzas (2 from each type) and I set it up in a way that flavor increases in complexity as we go.

Dough uses a hydration of 65% and flour used was Caputo blue. I did a 48h bulk CF and a 12h balled CF (from now on, I will write as: 48+12) at 4°C.
Oven was set at 400°C top and bottom.

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Ulli Haus
posted 3 months ago

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dough was mixed by hand with a final dough temperature of 22.7 C.

Ulli Haus
posted 3 months ago

Hey Ulli: Pies look great! What kind of an oven do you use? Do you use two peels: one for putting in your pies, and one for taking them out?

Maria .
posted 3 months ago

Thanks Maria :)
For those pies, I was using my old electric oven at 400°C. Yes, I use two peels: the larger one with holes to put them in and a smaller one to take them out.
I like the holes because it definitely helps not to carry as much flour into the baking chamber compared to one without holes.

Ulli Haus
posted 3 months ago

Just got done baking a new dough formula with 63% hydration and 0.24% fresh yeast (36+12 CF@ 6°C). The previous dough had 1.12% fresh yeast. This one needs some more tweaking - I'm just glad I ate dinner before I made those pizzas lol

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Ulli Haus
posted 3 months ago

Ulli: You must be feeding a lot of people!! How do you get your electric oven so hot? Is it a commercial oven? A bread oven?

Maria .
posted 3 months ago

Hi Maria, both ovens use our regular 220V power supply (one oven at 2kW the other one at 3kW I believe). They are both commercial Pizza ovens.
I'm experimenting a lot because I want to understand how dough works. My results are "fed" to the neighbors, my colleagues at work or our large freezer in the basement ;)

Ulli Haus
posted 3 months ago

New pies from my parents' visit in Vienna last night. Of course, I needed to fix them a pizza :D
Unfortunately, I had to use a new kind of yeast (IDY) from Italy which I hadn't tested before. Turns out this yeast was much weaker compared to the one I usually take. The result was very weak oven spring. But then again, that's true testing lol
Taste was great, though :) (still made me kinda mad because I wanted my mom to experience that utterly soft and airy rim that requires no efforts to chew).

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Ulli Haus
posted 3 months ago

tell us about your ovens, ulli. are you using wood fire?

Maria .
posted 3 months ago

Hi Maria, both ovens are electric ovens - no wfo - and use our regular 220V power supply (one oven at 2kW the other one at 3kW I believe). They are both commercial Pizza ovens.

Ulli Haus
posted 3 months ago

Being back in my hometown for a change, I decided to do some focaccia and Sicilian style for my family - baked in a regular home oven.
Made those focaccia pies for the first time and really got a kick out of them - very tasty and oh boy that crust *inlove*. However, don't ask about calories from that bread alone with all that EVO in it :P

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Ulli Haus
posted 3 months ago

Looking good, Ulli. When I make foccacia I wonder why I eat any other kind of bread. Tell us about your toppings. Were you having a party? What do you do w/so many at once?

Maria .
posted 3 months ago

I was visiting my parents and they then had to eat pizza, too ;)
Plus some friends came over and were recruited as well :p
Don't forget that I'm there to eat that good stuff, too hehe.

Two of my first attempt pies went into the freezer for my dad to eat whenever he pleases and I'm not around.

1) Tomato sauce, mozzarella, salami, onions. Finishing ingredients: basil and sauteed mushrooms in EVO and fresh thyme
2) asparagus with parsley and bacon. Sauce was asparagus sauce my dad made

Focaccias went with olives, onions and rosemary & onions respectively.

Yeah, that focaccia is great taste-wise. However, regular bread has the advantage that you cut off a slice that will then have a much better texture than focaccia that's one day old. This gets kinda chewy which I don't like that much.

I bet there's a way to remedy this issue but I haven't found it yet.

Ulli Haus
posted 3 months ago

Yet another pizza party - much smaller but I still got to test new pies 🤗

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Ulli Haus
posted 3 months ago

This time, I tested three different types of poolishes against a control dough. And, each pie in NY Style versus Neapolitan. Needless to say, we both only had lunch hahahaha

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Ulli Haus
posted about 2 months ago

These look delicious!

- Kim   about 2 months ago

Another test with local flour and experimenting with toppings.
Had to leave dough out longer which resulted in overfermentation.
Flour turns out to be too weak.
- 70% hydration
- 0,25% fresh yeast
- 2% salt

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Ulli Haus
posted 28 days ago

"These look delicious!" --> thanks Kim :)

Ulli Haus
posted 26 days ago

I'm curious Ulli, I see pickled cucumbers, onions, what appears to be some kind of meat, and a simple sauce.
Is there a meat on the pie?

James A.
posted 22 days ago

Hi James, yes there's salami on this pie. However, the salami has been pre-cooked a bit to account for the missing cooking duration when baking pizzas in under 60 seconds.

Ulli Haus
posted 22 days ago

Yesterday, I did some experiments with our regular home oven.
Dough was 50% whole grain and 50% anima di grano midi @ 70% hydration, 3% EVO and 3% salt.

Conclulsion: taste was excellent but crust sensation can be improved (in skillet style, I want the bottom of the crust to be really crisp). Will bake at higher temps next time and also go from 15 minutes total to 20 minutes total baking time.

NY Style was ok but not acceptable to my quality standards :P

Also, biggest difference when it comes to home oven versus Pizza oven (besides max temps) is the fact that you can pretty much bake one pie after another in your pizza oven which is not possible in our home oven due to temperature loss and the long recovery duration.

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Ulli Haus
posted 22 days ago

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