This is the Malt I can get locally. Is this the right stuff? (Malted Flour)

HI Pizza Lovers Community,

It is almost impossible to find Diastatic Malt powder in South-Africa in small quantities.. I have done an extensive search and found only one producer. They were willing to provide me with a 1kg sample for free, which I am most grateful for.

I picked it up last week, and currently have the Master Dough with Starter in the last 24 hours. Not sure what the outcome will be.

The product is a Diastatic Malt Flour. I provide the description on their website below:

""A light brown colored, stone ground, diastatic flour with a malty flavor. Malt Flour has diastastic activity and is particularly suited to fermented bakery goods. Stone-milled to a fine flour, this product is manufactured from superior quality Malt. In crackers, Malt Flour improves crust color, aids sheeting and can help improve manufacturing efficiencies through lowering of baking times or temperatures. In both panned and hearth breads, Malt Flour improves flow, gas retention, volume and proof. Dry mixes, such as those for the preparation of pancakes and waffles, can benefit from the addition of both Malt Extract Powder and Malt Flour.""

My Questions:
1. This is Malted Flour I got vs. the recommended Malt Powder, will this work? Is this the right stuff? I attach a snip of the product spec.

[1]. Product Website -
[2]. Product Data Sheet -

Medium malt

Tobie Nortje
posted 12 months ago

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Hi Tobie, Apologies for the delay. I'm looking into this for you. Based on the description "A light brown colored, stone ground, diastatic flour with a malty flavor.", it does sound correct.

When you taste it, it should be slightly sweet-- less so than sugar and very fine in terms of granularity.

I'm 99% sure but will try to confirm.

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted 12 months ago

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