Tips for making calzone

Does anyone have any tips for making calzones? I'll be trying them for the first time and would like to know if there are any gotchas I should be aware of.

Rebecca Carlson
posted about 5 years ago

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I've always found calzones a bit easier to make just because of the shape and form factor. In fact, when I was first starting out, a lot of my "pizzas" (quotes intentional) became calzones as a last ditch effort.

Calzones, in my opinion, are easier to handle than pizza. But, a few things come to mind when making calzones:

1. Use a smaller piece of dough than for a pizza unless you want a pretty big calzone. I tend to use 150-200 grams and that makes a decent sized calzone for one person.

2. Place your toppings on one side of the patted out dough. You'll fold the other side over to seal it.

3. Some veggie toppings, especially mushrooms, will let out a lot of water as they bake. Since these are inside of the calzone, it might get watery. I've seen some people put sauce inside the calzone. I avoid for this reason.

4. This is personal preference, but I either skip the ricotta or use it sparingly. It just ends up becoming a mess when there's too much being used. Again, that's just me.

5. I typically place my calzone on a screen then place it in the oven. A few minutes before it's done, I'll remove the screen and place it directly on the stone.

6. Seal the edges of your calzone well, or you might have some leakage. Often times you'll see pizza makers pinch the edges to form a nice pattern. Not only does it look cool, there's some function to it as well.

7. Slice a few holes in the top with a razor blade or knife before baking. It'll help with #3.

8. Be conscious of the thickness of your dough. A lot of times the bottom is too thick and the top is way too thin because the dough is stretched over a massive pile of filling.

Good luck!

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 5 years ago

Great recommendations! Especially the size of the dough. I only tried a couple of times and I know I was using too much dough so it didn't turn out so good. I'm going to try again sticking to your list and see how it turns out.

- Rick   about 5 years ago

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