Tony's Artisan 00 and Malt

Just received Tony's 00 Artisan flour and made master dough with poolish for NY style pizzas this weekend. It's outstanding! After many other flours I've tried this one hits just the right crust consistency with plenty of air bubbles, a tender interior, and a very nice light crunch on the outside. It's also easy to handle, not being too delicate or too stiff. I am using a baking steel and preheat using the broiler, and the steel reaches 650 degrees. Baking was with broiler off, convection on.

Two questions:

1) Tony's Artisan 00 contains malt already. Should I add more according to the master recipe? I did, and the result was really good as described above. Except...

2) The bottom of the pizza was pretty black after 5 minutes baking. Not leopard spots, but pretty much black all the way across. I think this means maybe 650 is too hot, or there's too much malt?

Thanks all,


Mike Klein
posted 30 days ago

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