Tony's Artisan 00 flour dough leavened with milk kefir

I tried another experimental dough with Tony's Artisan 00 flour and leavened the dough with live milk kefir cauliflower like grandules that are fed milk, and then left out to form a yogurt like starter. The resulting milk kefir, that is like yogurt can leaven pizza doughs very well. I think Tony's Artisan 00 flour is a great flour to work with and gives fantastic results when making a NY style pizza. They were a little blistering on the rim crust, but not as much as a dough leavened with IDY.

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Norma K.
posted almost 5 years ago

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Nice pizza Norma. Did you use malt in your dough? How long was the maturation? What temp did you cook at and what oven?

Tony Gemignani admin
posted almost 5 years ago

Mike, Thanks for telling me you believe the more abundant blistering is from the result of gas activity during prolonged fermentation. I did do a pretty long bench rise with the dough. Will see if I can more consistent results all the time.

- Norma   almost 5 years ago

Thanks Tony!

This was the formulation I used. No, I did not add any extra low-diastatic malt from Central Milling. Would you advise to use low-diastatic malt in your flour the next time? I thought since your flour is already malted I wouldn't need the extra malt.

Water 64%, salt 1.75%, olive oil 2%, sugar 2%, milk kefir at 15%.

The dough was made with the milk kefir dough, at 15% of the formula flour, on the morning of Dec. 28 (2014), which was a Sunday, and kept it at room temperature until sometime on Dec. 30, which was a Tuesday. On Tuesday, I decided to put the dough into your prep fridge, because I felt that the dough was fermenting too fast, but later that I took the dough out of the prep fridge and allowed it to warm up for three hours or longer. 

I used a Baker's Pride countertop GP-61 propane gas deck oven to bake that pie. The baked temperature was around 545 degrees F.

Norma K.
posted almost 5 years ago

Norma, I believe more and more the blistering is a result of gas activity during prolonged fermentation. I am sure if you take exact notes on let's say two-day cold ferment or even three days, then apply an extended bench rise I'd be almost certain you could reproduce the blistering each and every time.

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Mike K.
posted almost 5 years ago

That's a nice looking pizza. Is there any difference in flavor when you fermenting with the kefir milk?

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted almost 5 years ago


Thanks! There is a different flavor in the crust when fermenting with real milk kefir. It is something like using a sourdough leaven, but the flavor is very mild. At one time I made a milk kefir dough and could use it to make a decent pizza after almost a month. The milk kefir just usually ferments slower than regular sourdough leavens.

Norma K.
posted almost 5 years ago

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