Tony's Artisan Flour

Here's a picture of my first pizza using Tony's California Artisan Flour. The dough followed the master dough with starter formula, using a wet natural starter. It was baked in a home oven on the baking steel rather than a stone, and the steel is a noticeable improvement. I used the NY-NJ tomato sauce and some mozzarella. It tastes much better than it looks. The flour is exceptional, and aside from its color and the feel of the milling, it makes a dough that's a breeze to handle.

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Adam Sachs
posted about 5 years ago

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Awesome. Thanks for sharing. Feel free to post any other pics of breads or pizzas using any flour if you have them. Would love to see and have you share any recipes or techniques.

Tony Gemignani admin
posted about 5 years ago

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