Tony's California Artisan flour

I have begun my quest for excellent home pizza, and I had mixed results until I tried the master recipe (without starter). Even using King Arthur bread flour, the results were so much better than any other recipe and process I had tried, with a nice chewy air-bubbled cornice. I thought I would now step up my game and decided to order the Tony's California flour. On the Central Milling website, I could not quite match the description with any of the flours. Which of those listed on the website is the one that Tony and the Giustos developed?


Ken K.
posted almost 5 years ago

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You can purchase the flour at

You'll be happy with it. I've been very impressed with it.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted almost 5 years ago

Thanks, Raj. This AM I called Central Milling (Keith Giusto Baking Supply in Petaluma, CA). They said it is not listed but they sell it, so I purchased 15# as well as their High Mountain High Gluten flour. I am looking forward to it. Now I need to find some decent cheese available at retail here on the west coast. The stuff that we picked up at Costco was very rubbery (when I put slices on the pizza--not so bad when shredded) Thanks again for responding!

- Ken   almost 5 years ago

Ken, I'm in the Bay Area as well. The Costco buffalo mozzarella is decent. The fresh cow's milk mozzarella they stock (Bel Gioso) isn't great. Most Whole Foods sell grande mozzarella, both fresh and low-moisture. You can look at the bulk label and it should say grande.

- Raj   almost 5 years ago

Thanks, Raj. We have a Whole Foods in San Luis Obispo now, so I will check it out. I had used the Costco mozzarella "brick", which was rubbery. I have seen the Italian buffalo mozzarella, but I thought it was a bit pricey--I will have to re-evaluate that if Whole Foods doesn't carry the Grande.

- Ken   almost 5 years ago

Well, Raj, Whole Foods here in SLO does not have the Grande :-( I will keep looking to see if I can order it from somewhere. Oh, well...

- Ken   almost 5 years ago

Nicky Giusto
posted almost 5 years ago

I called before you posted this, and I made my first batch last night (I am doing a comparison of four flours, including Tony's and your High Mountain-Hi Gluten). I must say that your staff is most enthusiastic and helpful!

- Ken   almost 5 years ago

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