Too much liquid/fat from peppers & pepperoni

When cooking the pizza, adding peppers, the moisture (water from the peppers) instead of evaporating, it creates mini pools of water which then doesn't allow the cheese to melt/cook properly. It makes the mozzarella become a gum type texture. Also in the UK its very difficult to find good quality pepperoni and the suppliers I have found in the UK all sell the same brand - super toppings, which I think is from Denmark wish is really poor quality. So when I cook the pizza with pepperoni it creates the same affect as the peppers but instead of water its fat, not enabling the cheese to melt. This fat leaks all over the pizza. I won't stop searching until I find a better one but for the peppers.Are there any tips you can give me and has anyone else had the same issues? Thank you. And thank you Tony for your reply in my previous post.

Whisley D.
posted about 4 years ago

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Here's what you can do to eliminate some of the grease coming off the pepperoni. Nuke them in the microwave for 10-15 secs by placing the slices on a double sheet of paper towels. Cover them with another layer as well.

In regards to the peppers, cut them up a few hours before use to let some of the moisture evaporate. Same goes for fresh, sliced mushrooms.

Hope that helps

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Mike K.
posted about 4 years ago

Several other reasons why this is happening -
Is the cheese whole milk or part skim- whole milk greases easier not fat and pepperoni floats

What type pepperoni you using - Pork, beef, blend?

Cheap cheese or that has cellulose and gets wet will have a hard time melting - does your cheese have this?

Don't over lap meats like pepperoni - meat on meat grease

Where is your pepperoni? Top or bottom with other ingredients?

How long is your bake? Long bakes make pepperoni grease too much . Is the dough recipe browning quick enough?? One that don't release too much wet from all ingredients.

Is your pepperoni dry? It should be - Wet, weak, discolred pepperoni (orangish) grease easy. Pepperoni should be firm and young not old and limp

Is your pep coming in frozen?

Are you buying a pepperoni that not cased? Lays too flat allows the pepperoni to leak and leach out

Peppers can be put on half way during bake (allows them not to leak but stay crunchy), can be sautéed , - dry them out after sliced on sipped rack with slotted full sheet pan - in a walk in helps with air rotating and circulating

Produce company - ask for less ripe bell peppers. Sometimes in UK it's hard to find ones that are less ripened..

Hand sliced or machine cut? Machine cut puts preassure on the pepper and will cause it to leak easier than hand cut.. Some people dehydrate them some FYI - especially produce companies if buying them pre sliced

Tony Gemignani admin
posted about 4 years ago

See, Whisley, that's why TG has three pizza books out and I have none :-) He never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge about all things pizza.

- Mike   about 4 years ago

I always put my pepperoni in the microwave with paper towels....also another method would be to put on the pepperoni on the pizza after you cook the pizza..I don't do that, but I saw it happen one time in a chain pizza company.....but I like putting the pepperoni on top and cooking,
so that it will crisp up on the edges..

Mark S.
posted about 4 years ago

What's the cook time and temperature for your pizza Whisley?

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 4 years ago

Hi guys,

Thank you for all your comments. I must say couple of things I picked from TG and Raj: Which was the temperature, and as TG asked me, for how long I cook the pizza. The longer bake time, the greasier the pizza and pepperoni gets.

What I noticed is that it used to take a bit too long because of the dough.

I bought Tony Gemignani's book from Amazon Kindle and have learned a lot. Unfortunately I don't make my dough because I work long hours and get lazy. Anyways, I used to buy from this supplier called La Pizza Dough I believe, and the dough was hard to stretch. It shrinks, so it used to take to long to cook.

But I tried another one called Kara which is softer. Easy to stretch, it doesn't shrink, and it cooks quicker. I think the that the heat from the bottom gets quicker to the top and manage to melt the mozzarella faster and better, so the pepper and the pepperoni doesn't need to cook as long, keeping the pepperoni from getting too greasy. So, in the end, it was the dough that didn't cook quick enough.

You might be thinking, well why didn't you just put the temperature up instead of changing the dough? Well for two reasons: first, the pizza gets black bubbles around the edge, which I don't like. And second, I don't know about America, but in the UK, the electricity is bloody expensive, lol!!. Well anyways thank all for your help.

Whisley D.
posted about 4 years ago

Whisley, pizza making is a tricky business. Every variable counts. Each part affects the other. You can perfect your dough at home, and think you're ready to start a restaurant, only to find out that the dough you made at home, doesn't work the same way in a commercial oven. It'll probably be close, but not the same.

Regarding the original dough brand you used. Store bought dough can be pretty good. What I noticed is, a lot of times is can be too new/fresh. I bet if you let it sit around for a day or two more, it would be more slack and not shrink as much. If it comes in a plastic, bag, the first thing you should do is take it out of the bag, portion it if necessary and then reball and place in bowls or trays.

If you're taking out of a plastic bag, it's very likely that you're getting the glutens worked up and will end up with a dough that's very elastic. I've found this tip to be very helpful for me.

Making dough is a time consuming process, so nothing wrong with using dough from a store or restaurant. When you do get some time though, it's a fun thing to learn.

Also, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Elastic dough is something a lot people experience when stretching dough.


Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 4 years ago

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