Transferring pizza to oven

As a novice pizza maker I find it really hard to transfer my pizza to the oven. Especially after I've loaded it up with ingredients.
I've tried using cornmeal and flour, but it makes an awful mess in the oven.

Anyone have tips for how best to manage the transfer?

Jason Shugars
posted about 5 years ago

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Hey Jason,

I have a video on it... does this help:

Tips I would suggest:
Yes... cornmeal, coarse semolina, or rice flout.
Work quickly... do not let it sit
sauce, oil, or anything wet that touches your dough and the peel will cause your pizza to stick

Frankie G

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Frankie G
posted about 5 years ago

As you are building your pizza on your peel be sure to "shake" it every so often (10-20 seconds) to keep the moisture from bonding the dough to the wood of the peel. Occasionally you might need to lift a corner of the dough up and blow under it to break the bond right before you load into the oven.

Michael Shepherd
posted about 5 years ago

When I first started, I used parchment paper - topped the pizza and transferred the pizza dough on parchment paper onto the hot stone. Now, I use a peel, wood or aluminum. It's worth the investment. I sprinkle semolina flour or bread flour on the surface where I am preparing the pizza dough, work fast...slide the peel under the pizza dough, and make sure you can shake the pizza on the peel before transferring it onto the pizza stone. You want to make sure you use enough flour to prevent sticking and not too much, otherwise cooked or burnt flour under the pizza will affect the taste of your pizza. I think working fast, and not overloading the pizza with toppings are key!

Sharlene M.
posted about 5 years ago

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