Travelling 5 hours with dough

I am going on a road trip and the place we are going has a pizza oven. Great joy. So I am wanting to transport dough with me so that we can have it the day after we arrive.

I make the Neapolitan dough from the book with poolish. So it’s a 3-4 day process with the poolish. The journey is 5 hours.

How can I transport the dough. I have a cool box (but that will probably only work for a large ball of dough rather than 12 small balls). Should I make dough and not ball it and transport it in the cooler. Therefore giving it 24 hours ish in a big ball and then another 24 hour ferment in balls once I arrive.

Or should I ball it up? Freeze it? Try keep it cool?

I’m a little stuck.

Can’t make it once I’m there.


James Wake
posted 2 months ago

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