Troubles with Tony’s Napoletana dough!

Hi, guys!
Here’s the problem: yesterday I’ve made Tony’s Napoletana dough like it is in the book (with 1,5% fresh yeasts) and today, after 22 hours of refrigerating I’ve got overfermented dough... It’s way too sticky and bubbly! It is pretty hard to work with. Guess, that tomorrow I’ll have to throw it away.
Does anyone know what is the problem? Is there a typo in the book (too much yeasts)?
Much appreciated for any help!

100% flour (Caputo Rossa with 13% protein, W 340).
62% cold water
20% poolish
1,5% fresh yeasts
3% salt

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Giorgio O.
posted 3 months ago

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Hi Giorgio: Should be .5% yeast, 2% salt. What page are you reading?

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Maria .
posted 3 months ago

Actually, Giorgio, if you're using fresh yeast, you could do what PB does and triple whatever the .5% number is. For example on page 187, the yeast is 2.3 grams for dry (.5%) that is then converted to 7 grams fresh (3x the dry).

Also, you can re-ball the dough and set it out on your counter to rise again before using it. It will be fine. No sense in throwing it out.

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Maria .
posted 3 months ago

Thank you very much, Maria, hope re-balling will help. By the way, it seems that I’m an idiot... The recipe for Napoletana dough says to use 0.5% fresh yeast. My bad, sorry :)

- Giorgio   3 months ago

I've just bought the PB, and after making pizza dough from various internet recipes the last 6 months i am kinda curious about the 7 grams of yeast in the napoletana dough.. i think it is a lot of yeast for the amount of dough when using a starter.

and i can't find the x3 example when using dry yeast\fresh yeast.
the amount of yeast on page 302 is 0,5% (dry yeast or fresh yeast?)

and my dough made with poolish starter and 7 grams of fresh yeast is growing out of the box soon..large and bubbly.

Benny H.
posted 6 days ago

Hey, Benny!
Tony’s Napoletana dough recipe is all about fresh yeast. You know, this actually works. I’ve tested several variations for commercial use and Tony’s appeared to work the best.
If you’re interested, I make my dough like this:
100% flour Caputo Rossa (330-390 strength)
62% cold water (pH 6-7)
20% Poolish starter
2.5% sea salt
0.25% fresh yeast
0.5% liquid malt extract
It has gorgeous results!

- Giorgio   6 days ago

Hey, Giorgio :)

The way you make your dough, i am more familiar with. The amount of yeast 0,25% is closer to what i have made before. Tony's recipe is 1.5% of fresh yeast or 0.5% dry yeast, i don't have the book in front of me so apologize for any error. And in the percent tabel is says 0.5% yeast.
Any thoughts about the 1.5% fresh yeast in the recipe from the book?

- Benny   6 days ago

I guess, there’s definitely a typo in the book about that 1.5% yeast. 0.5 looks more real, but still it’s way too much. I guess, that 1.5% fresh yeast might work with home oven, but the dough made this way for commercial use gets insanely sticky, bubbly and overfermented. As a result, it burns in the oven (if you are lucky enough to put it there and not to tear it))

- Giorgio   6 days ago

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