Tutto Calabria Hot Peppers

Tutto Calabria Hot Peppers. (this is mentioned in another thread in which Tony stated that he uses the crushed product, but I saw no way to add tags for anyone researching the product)

One of my pleasures in life is sourcing things on the internet, especially food items. In addition, we love hot peppers. When I read Tony's recommendation about Tutto Calabria Hot Peppers, I purchased some of the "Long Hot Peppers" from Taylor's Market in Sacramento, CA, and had them shipped. We fell in love. If I were describing them in wine terms, I would say that they provide a flavor from attack through midpalate through finish without disappointment, probably as much because of, or possibly almost entirely because of, the marinade in which they are packed. I extended my search and ran across wholesaleitalianfoods.com as a source (they are in Florida, I believe). They carry a much larger assortment of Tutto Calabria products. I noticed that they carry a Tutto Calabria hot red pepper product that is sliced and another product that is crushed. We ordered a few bottles of the crushed product and like them quite just as much. They have a subtly different but equally pleasing flavor. They are packed in the same marinade.

I contacted the customer service department and chatted with them. I asked them about the differences, if any, among the Hot Long, Crushed, and Sliced offerings. They explained that the Hot Long Peppers (which are really just about 1 - -1 1/2" long) are a different pepper than the pepper used for the crushed and sliced products. Because of their short length, they are more difficult to slice and/or crush. Tutto Calabria uses a different Calabrian pepper for those two products. (In actual fact the "real" hot long Calabrian peppers are a few inches long and they are not a shipped product for some reaons....but that is apparently another story!) Wholesaleitalianfoods.com does sell retail; their prices are quite good, and they shipped quickly. For those who are really heavy-duty addicts, you can purchase 2 kg pails of the peppers....!

Just wanted to help anyone looking for these peppers.... There are at least three online sources with likely a lot more around: wholesaleitalianfood.com (the largest selection of Tutto Calabria products and quantities), fgpizza.com, and taylorsmarket.com

Ken K.
posted almost 5 years ago

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Thanks for the info Ken. Very helpful. I absolutely love these peppers and am fortunate to have them readily available not too far from me.

I can't even imagine what I'd do with a 2kg pail of these peppers.

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted almost 5 years ago

Where are they available in the Bay Area? We are there frequently to visit our daughter.

- Ken   almost 5 years ago

Raj, I'm wondering the same thing...where do you get them here?

- Mike   almost 5 years ago

Wow Ken, thanks for all the research. I purchased the whole peppers from Italydepot.com and, like you, really like their flavor. I used a mini-prep food processor and chopped mine up very fine.

Dean T.
posted almost 5 years ago

Ken, great post! Thank you for mentioning www.wholesaleitalianfood.com We have been importing these peppers for years now and it is great they are finally getting the recognition they deserve. You mentioned that we offer the 2.8 kg bucket and you are correct but we do also offer them in retail jars. You can buy 1 jar or a whole case to share with friends. Here is the link directly to the page that offers the single jars: http://www.wholesaleitalianfood.com/imported-italian-specialties/all-things-calabrian/tutto-calabria-long-hot-chili-peppers-290g.html

Alex J.
posted over 4 years ago

Yes, my error, Alex. I had meant to say that "in addition to the 11 ounce jars...", you also have the large buckets (for pepper parties!!!). I also should have mentioned that you shipped quite promptly. By the way, do I assume correctly that the peppers need to be refrigerated after opening to retard any oxidation of the oil in that wonderful marinade? any guesstimate as to how long a bucket would keep? Actually, I am thinking about doing as you say and sharing a bucket with friends.

- Ken   over 4 years ago

Ken, although they can be refrigerated it is not necessary. As long as all the peppers are under the oil when resealing its not a problem. Just make sure you re seal properly. As for the shelf life you can expect to preserve them for quite a long time if stored in a cool dark place. I would say over a year.

- Alex   over 4 years ago

I've also seen them at Sam's Italian deli in Fresno. Apparently they ship them; I wasn't aware of that.


Chuck W.
posted over 4 years ago

Thanks for the info. We lived in Fresno for many years and Sam's is one of the places that we really miss. Nice people, great products, fair prices, and wonderful home-made foods. I will check out their website.

- Ken   over 4 years ago

Storage information for the peppers, per Irene Celli at Tutto Calabria:

"Our product doesn't need to be stored in the refrigerator, you must add some extra virgin olive oil just to cover the product inside the jar.
The shelf life is 3 years, after opened is 1 year but I hope you will eat it before :). "

Ken K.
posted over 4 years ago

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