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Here in the UK (or at least where I live in the UK!), I find it easier to get hold of fresh yeast than active dry yeast (well, quality stuff anyway). So this has me wondering whether I can just substitute one for the other...
The dough I most commonly make from the PB is the napoletana for use in my pizza oven. This calls for fresh dough anyway, but none of the others do; is there any reason why I wouldn't be able to just use fresh yeast? Going by the quantities in both the starters and the napoletana dough, it seems that 3g of fresh yeast is equivalent to 1g of active dry.
I've already used fresh yeast for the master dough already and was pleased with the result, but is there any fundamental reason that I shouldn't be doing this? I guess it might be worth me expermenting side-by-side...we all need more excuses to make pizza anyway, don't we?


Byron Buck
posted 12 months ago

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The conversion is about 2:1, 1 gram of ADY is about 2.1 grams of fresh or cake yeast.

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Mike K.
posted 12 months ago

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