4 pizzas down with new unni 3. All tasted metal. Using tragedr pellets. But have been told that it may be the stone. HELP.

Jim .
posted 9 months ago

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Hi Jim, That's a bummer. The Uuni is a really nice oven. A couple of potential next steps / questions:

1. Have multiple people tried the pizza and said the same?
2. Try using different pellets or gas if you have the gas attachment.
3. The uuni comes with a metal peel. Has that peel been thoroughly cleaned?
4. Try contacting support? Chances are other people might have experienced this.

Good luck and let us know what you find out.


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Raj Irukulla admin
posted 9 months ago

I've ordered a Roccbox and will be running it on gas. I'm looking forward to trying the master and Neapolitan dough in it. I was looking at the Unni 3 as well, but settled on Roccbox in the end

John Soden
posted 9 months ago

Roccbox is epic. I’ve has one for about a month. This is the first pie that came out of it. I’ll be firing it up in a few hours for some more killer pie

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Jon S.
posted 9 months ago

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