Using diastatic malt in high temperature ovens

In the Pizza Bible, there's a small paragraph about using diastatic malt. I'd like to use it for the because it makes dough easier to work with and adds flavor. But, the book says to avoid it if cooking at high temperatures. What happens if you use diastatic malt in a high temperature oven?

Bill Fleischer
posted almost 5 years ago

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Like any browning agent typically cooking at 650 or higher you don't need one. If the temp is 650 or higher especially in a wood oven when your flame is cascading over the top of your pizza and browning agent isn't needed. If I am cooking at 800-900 typically I am looking for lepording (a spotty pizza with black marks) and not a golden brown look. A browing agent would make your dough have a consistent brown or black look which is not the characteristics that are correct at that high heat. Also at a high temp your outside is typically cooked leaving your middle uncooked or weak. A browning agent like a sugar, honey, molasis, malt, etc is best for pizzas cooked between 450-650. Unless you have a 3-5day fermentation it could be added but typically it's important to know the range of your temp.

Tony Gemignani admin
posted almost 5 years ago

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