using the book as professionnal purpose in professionnal electric oven?

how can i adapt all this recipes with a electric oven working at over 300ºC because i need to follow the rythm of the orders?
thx in advance

stephane tzicuris
posted 22 days ago

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why not try it "as is" and adapt it to your needs?

Ulli Haus
posted 19 days ago

whoops, I sent this one too quickly ;)
Your main challenge will be baking the doughs within their sweet spot time window. There are certain parameters you can tweak in order to adjust this window to your needs. But, I'd just use the recipe from the book and see how it works out for you. Based on your experience with that baseline recipe, describe the problems (if there are any at all) you were facing. Then we can solve them ;)

Ulli Haus
posted 19 days ago

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