Warm dough vs cold dough

You say to warm up the dough to 60-65 degrees before starting to shape. I am finding with a 48 to 72 hour fermentation when I let the dough warm to that temperature it over proofs. I do the finger test and it just doesn't have any spring back at all. Super soft and mushy? Leaving a big indention with 0 rebound. Any suggestions?

Jeff K.
posted 28 days ago

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It shouldn’t take long for the dough to get to room temperature. What are your quantities?

Scott Sutton
posted 22 days ago

In other words the proofing is already done in the fridge. It just takes to long for the dough to warm sitting in the bowl on the counter using a digital thermometer. My breads are ready to go right out of the fridge with nice oven spring.

- Jeff   22 days ago

I'm following the pizza Bible recipe. 453grams of flour. 65% hydration.

Jeff K.
posted 22 days ago

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