What brand of active dry yeast is recommended?

Hi Pizza Lovers,

I'd really appreciate your thoughts on what type of active dry yeast you would recommend I use.

Also, how long does yeast last for. I bake pizza every second week so don't use a lot in total.

What's the best way to store yeast? In the fridge?

How long does yeast last for before I should throw it out and buy new yeast?

Are the sachets better than the bulk packs?

Really appreciate your thoughts

Happy baking,

Ian Nicholson
posted over 2 years ago

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Hi Ian,
use what you need and then close it securely or get the smaller sized sachets. I Keep the opened sachets clipped tightly in the cabinet. But then again, it doesn't survive long in our kitchen :p
IMHO it's always better to buy stuff you need not as often in quantities that come close to the actual serving you are gonna use - or get it packed in those quantities.
Just make sure not to leave it lying around open next to other Foods :p


Ulli Haus
posted over 2 years ago

Ian: I use SAF instant now after using active dry for all of my life. It's great, and I highly recommend it: Lesaffre SAF-Instant Red 1 lb. Vacuum Packed Dry Yeast. You can by it online or at Whole Foods in a one pound bag. I break it down into smaller packets and freeze what don't plan to use over the next month or two. If you misjudge, it doesn't matter. You can take it right out of the freezer for immediate use. It's great for bagels, bread, and pizza, etc, and it lasts me about a year. (Use the exact amount that's called for of active dry yeast in any recipe.) You don't have to proof it--it's foolproof. Just add it to your dry ingredient & go! First learned of it from Lahey's no knead. There's no turning back! (I still have a jar of active dry in my fridge, but I usually can't talk myself into using it anymore. . . you'll see what I mean if you use it.)

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Maria .
posted over 2 years ago

I use red star ady (think it is mentioned as a good one in the pb). I bought a 1lb bag from kingArthur.com along with a clasp sealed jar which I use to keep the yeast in the freezer. Ka suggests it can last up to a year that way. I make pizza weekly and am about half way through the bag in six months. Results remain good.

Gene H
posted over 2 years ago

I've been having great success with Bob's Red Mill ADY. It's the only yeast my local grocers store in the fridge. I keep mine in an airtight container made by OXO in the fridge. The ones with the buttons that suck air out to make a seal. It lasts for a month or two and then I toss it. Here is a pie made using the MD recipe with no starter.

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Damion A.
posted over 2 years ago

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