What causes dough to weaken?

My experiment two days ago leaving my naturally leavened dough to bulk rise overnight on the counter may have led to a weak dough... After this I left it in the fridge for 8 hours, took out, made the balls, left those in their dough box for 4 hours then back to the fridge for 2 hours.

When I took out the first dough ball I flattened it and when I picked it up to stretch further , holes appeared in the middle. It was falling apart. I was able to pinch them and cook my pizza, but why would this happen?

In summary

Naturally leavened. 200gr starter, 1,000gr 00 Caputo Flour
64% hydration
1 TBSP olive oil
1 TBSP salt

Fed the starter in the morning with 100gr 00 caputo + 100 gr water, it doubled by the afternoon, used this to mix the dough at 7pm as per above, let it rest in the mixing bowl on the counter until 9am the next day (so about 14 hours). Put it in the fridge for 6 hours, took out, made the balls, left these in their box 4 hours on the counter then in the fridge 2 hours


jr 0.
posted 12 months ago

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Either your dough is overfermented or severely undermixed and developed a weak gluten structure.

Also, the "in and out" of the fridge doesn't help much.

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Mike K.
posted 12 months ago

What was the temperature in your "dough storage room"? Probably the yeasts killed the dough (I try to keep the room temperature at 19-21C).
And secondly, what was the temperature of the dough you were stretching? If it was in "just out of the fridge" condition, guess you simply torn it.

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Giorgio O.
posted 12 months ago

I seriously doubt that your dough over fermented and I'd also chime in on Giorgio guessing your gluten network was not fully developed. If your dough then is quite warm, has flattened out quite a lot without maintaining its ball shape in any way, it can easily rip when not properly opened into a disk (not enough bench flour, kitchen counter too warm and sticky etc).

Can you tell us more about your starter? How long have you been cultivating it? Did you check its activity prior to using it in your dough formula? I take it, you didn't use yeast at all!?

Ulli Haus
posted 11 months ago

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