What is a good pan for Detroit Style Pizza

I just discovered this site and already ordered the book. I am looking forward to making many of the recipes listed. My favorite part of the Detroit Style Pizza is the crunchy crust. I am guessing that comes from a well seasoned pan. What suggestions do you have for buying pans to make a successful Detroit Style Pizza???

Thank you so much.

Karen G.
posted over 2 years ago

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Hello Ms Karen,
You are going to love the DSP. The pans I use are made by Loyd Pan http://www.lloydpans.com/standard-pans/pizza-tools/detroit-style-pizza-pans-sicilian-pans/detroit-style-pizza-pans
These pans has a non stick coating to them, and to me they cooked different from the steel pans I used to use....but you can wash the loyd pans, and hardly any sticking.
When I first used the Loyd pans, I burnt the bottom of my DSP crust...so I tweaked my recipe and turn down my temperature........what I did is cut the malt in half, lowered the temp to 450-460, and that worked for me.....I cook with 2 pizza stones. the pans comes in 2 sizes 8x10 and 10x14.....and they make a bigger one also.....I have 2 10x14 and 2 8x10.......I use the smaller ones when I am cooking just for my family of 3, and the bigger ones when I have company. They have 2 different categories of pan, a cheaper price one with rounded corners, and the square corners one...I have both of them, and they cook all the same to me...but I like the looks of the square ones......Now when it comes time to grease your Loyd pan, you will only need to use enough oil to coat the pan..make sure you coat the sides also....on the steel pans, I did what Tony G suggested, oiled and butter, but you won't have to on the Loyd pans, just enough to coat it.
When I make my dough, I use a 70% hydration rate and you can change that to your taste, for 8x10 pan, I use 283 grams/10 oz size dough.....for the 10x14 I use 510 grams/18 oz dough
Good luck to you and keep us posted with your progress.

Mark S.
posted over 2 years ago

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