What's happening with my Cold Ferment process?

I've been making pizza for a while, but just recently I was turned on to a great recipe that calls for cold fermenting which is my first experience with it (I never knew what I was missing all this time). Anyway, I mix all my ingredients, let it rest for 30 minutes, mix in the salt after 30 minute and then plastic wrap and throw it into the refrigerator. After 24 hours I pull it out and 8 doughs out of 10 (i've been making quite a bit) there's been a little water that collects on the bottom of my bowl. Can anyone please tell me if this is normal (I'm doubtful it is), and what it's called so I can figure out how to prevent it? I still take the dough and knead the water back in, divide, shape and let proof at RT for 4 hours with a damp towel over them and the pies come out great. But I'm wondering if they could be greater if I were to correct whatever this is.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I may have some photos to post in a few hours if needed. (I've also searched and searched to figure out if this is normal and what it may be called, but have not managed to find anything)

tim guthrie
posted 9 months ago

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Sounds like condensation. The dough is warm when you are putting it into the refrigerator. Try placing it in the fridge unwrapped for an hour to let it cool down then wrap with plastic.

Ed DiRamio
posted 8 months ago

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