What's the difference between Caputo Blue, Caputo Red and Caputo Pizzeria flours?

What is the difference between Caputo Red, Caputo Blue and Caputo Pizzeria flours? I've always gone with the Caputo Pizzeria just because I'm making pizzas with it.

I've seen Blue and Red in smaller bags, but the as far as I know, the Caputo Pizzeria is only available in 25kg bags.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 5 years ago

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The Caputo Pizzeria Blue bag and the Caputo RINFORZATA Red bag are very similar in fact. Like the other caputo flours they are all natural products produced from a variety of grains , blended before grinding to give a flour that has very specific attributes. The Red (rinforzata) is just a little higher gluten and protein content than the pizzeria (blue). There is also a light blue bag called Caputo EXTRA. This light blue bag, Extra, is a lower protein all purpose product which is not used for pizza but instead for cakes, cookies and breads.
hope this helps answer the question.

Frederick Mortati
posted about 5 years ago

Thanks Frederick!

- Raj   about 5 years ago

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