What's your favorite brand of tomatoes?

What is your favorite brand of tomatoes? I've only tried 2 or 3 brands of tomatoes and am looking to try more. I'd be interested to know which brands you prefer and why.

I've had great luck with La Valle brand tomatoes. I don't think they're DOP San Marazano or anything fancy like that, but they're consistently good and reasonably priced.

Adam Thompson
posted about 5 years ago

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I've tried many brands over the years. For simple Neapolitan sauces, I go with Cento or Cento San Marzanos. For New York style, I like Saporito. And for Chicago-style 6 in 1.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 5 years ago

Di Napoli is really good. These are grown locally here in California, so I'm not sure if they're available everywhere.

Marcos F.
posted about 5 years ago

It really depends on the type of pizza thinner the pizza the simpler the sauce and thicker crust pizzas a more robust and thick sauce

Neapolitan - San Marzano DOP - Nina, stranese, La Valle- I have had good results most of the time because from year to year they can vary . Centos are good to. May not be DOP or have seal on cans

Italian, New York Style - Stanislaus 3 parts 7/11 or Tomato Magic - 1 part Saporito or Super Dolce. Saporito Full Red is popular too. Di Napoli ground Tomato's and Bonta and 6 n 1 are great too

Chicago, pan, - 7/11 ground blended with Saporito and crushed Valoroso.

Organic - Bianco DiNapoli and Escalon Christina's

There are several blends. The ones listed above are all suburb.


Tony Gemignani admin
posted about 5 years ago

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