what should I take into consideration while buying mozzarella?

Hey Guys,

what should I take into consideration while buying mozzarella?

I have tested several different mozzarellas such as: high fat (40%) vs low fat (17%); fresh vs block but I still have this problem it melts badly.

Any ideas? Thanks for your help!

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Aleksander J.
posted about 4 years ago

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Couple of questions, Olek...

Which style of pizza are you making and what temperature are you baking those pizzas at?

I personally like a tangy whole milk mozzarella, which I assume it's called full fat/high fat mozza in Europe. You might want to try a combo of high fat/low fat in a 2:1 ratio.

Let us know about the type of pizza you're making, incl. bake temp, bake times and cheese used.

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Mike K.
posted about 4 years ago

Hey Olek,

Mozzarella is a very important ingredient for pizza, but I never got too technical with it. I break it down into a few categories:

Fior di Latte
Low Moisture Whole Milk
Low Moisture Part Skim

The Bufala and Fior di Latte are the fresh ones. The Low moisture ones are the kind you find in a block. It sounds like you're mostly interested in those.

I've had amazing pizzas that use whole milk mozzarella and amazing pizzas that use part skim mozzarella. It's probably the quality as opposed to the fat content.

Do you have access to many varieties in Poland?


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Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 4 years ago

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