Where can I buy various flour - Mainly Ceresota Flour?

I moved from Chicago to the Denver area this past summer. My problem is that I cannot find anywhere to purchase the Cerestoa flour at. I've tried over the past 4 weeks to purchase from this website, however, the busted (or turned off) the purchase option with their Shopify account and never returned any emails I sent in.

No joke, I've spent hours looking online, only to find the few people claiming to sell it we're selling expired bags of flour. I've gone to all sorts of stores within the Denver and Boulder Colorado area only to find the best option was Kings flour. I've contacted Heckers/Ceresota directly where they state they will no longer sell any flour to the public but that there is one single food distributor in Denver that does carry it. I contacted them and they will not return my email or call.

The only person I have found is on ebay which I'm very hesitant on purchasing from, especially on price as well. But I may not have a choice here.

Other flour I've love to be able to purchase are:

- Pendletons Power
- Tony's Artisan 00
- Heckers / Ceresota

Are there any out there that can help me with this? I just read someone's post from 20 hours ago stating they just bought flour through this website. How is that possible? :(

Any help would be amazing! Thank you so much and have an excellent weekend!

Jeff S.
posted over 2 years ago

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Hi Jeff,

The store should be back in November. We haven't fulfilled any orders in the last few weeks, so it's not possible for someone to have just bought flour.

Amazon has a number of options, but I'm not sure about the price or freshness.



Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted over 2 years ago

Good to hear! Thanks for the hard work and dedication.

- Paul   over 2 years ago

You can get GM All Trumps at nybakers.com and Tony's Artisan 00, Tony's diastatic malt as well as High Mountain at central milling.com .

Gene H
posted over 2 years ago

Hi Raj

It's just about December now and the store is still down. Can you please let me know if you'll be selling flour again and when?

Thank you

Jeff S.
posted over 2 years ago

Hi, Jeff. I know it's been awhile since you posted this, but I just saw it for the first time. If you still haven't located Ceresota flour, try Jewel Food Stores. I have bought it at my nearby store as recently as a couple of months ago. (To me, it's worth every penny at regular price. It is my favorite AP flour for pizza and find it good for bread, too. It has a high protein content for an AP flour. I picked up a couple of bags on sale, which felt almost like theft!) By the way, Ceresota and Heckers are the same product. Ceresota is sold here in the Midwest, Heckers in the East.

If you haven't tried it yet, you might also consider Bouncer High Gluten flour. It's sold in 25-pound bags at a Gordon Food Service (GFS) store. You might want to look for one near you. GFS also has very good store-branded cheeses at very reasonable prices. Their mozzarella and mozz/provolone blend perform very well on pizza: nice melt, even browning, not runny. If you use tomato puree, their Primo Gusto 1.07-specific gravity product is one of the best.

No, I am not and have never been associated with GFS in any way other than being a customer. Just sharing some info... (I'll tell you now that, while some of their products are very good and priced right, there are others that definitely are NOT).

Hope this helps.

Bob G.
posted over 1 year ago

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