Where to find high gluten flour?

I'm trying to find high gluten flour but it's proving rather difficult. I've checked a few supermarkets but they only carry all-purpose flour and bread flour. It's available online, I'm trying to find it locally since the shipping and handling ends up being too much. Is it possible to get high gluten flour locally?

Meg Y.
posted about 5 years ago

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High gluten flour is hard to find retail. Especially in small quantities (e.g. 5lb bags). I've purchased Giustos high gluten in the bulk bins at Whole Foods in San Francisco. It might vary from location to location.

You can also try other specialty markets with bulk ingredients. Another option is the Sir Lancelot flour by King Arthur, available for purchase on their site.

Thumb raji
Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 5 years ago

Buy a few pies from your local pizzeria und ask if they can order extra one bag for you.

marlboro man
posted about 5 years ago

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