Where to get Wisconsin Brick in the Bay Area?

Anyone know where to get Wisconsin Brick cheese in the bay area? Live in Palo Alto but open to driving somewhere local rather than shipping in.

Kim S.
posted over 1 year ago

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Hi there. I have great news. Gordon the Cheese BuyerRainbow Grocery Cooperative 1745 Folsom St.San Francisco has ordered Widmer's Brick Cheese and it should be coming in February 23rd, 2018. If it sells, he'll keep it stocked. Let the peoples know.

Christopher Skrocke
posted about 1 year ago

Hi Christopher, I'm a Bay Area resident and can say that Brick Cheese is hard to find in these parts. I'll definitely pick some up and spread the word. If you're willing to buy it by the log, usually 5lbs, places like Rainbow are usually willing to special order for you. It can then be frozen or split up amongst pizza making friends!

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted about 1 year ago

Yes, my 5# is already being set aside. Lot of work, lot of phone calls over the last couple of weeks to get this happening. Also, if you have a friend who works in food service, it is possible to order thru :Sysco, but that is a more difficult trick.

Christopher Skrocke
posted about 1 year ago

I'm in Florida and I order all my brick cheese from http://www.thecheesemart.com. It is super fresh and they package it nicely.

William Oberacker
posted 11 months ago

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