Which styles of pizza are included in the Pizza Bible?

Is there a comprehensive list of the styles of pizza covered in The Pizza Bible book? I'd like to learn about some of the less common styles of pizza. Are there any notable styles that are missing?

Also how is The Pizza Bible different from the other book by Tony Gemignani titled Pizza that was written in 2005?

Rebecca Carlson
posted about 5 years ago

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Good question Rebecca. I have almost every style of pizza in this book with the exception of Old Forge, New England, and Quad City Style. We were limited to the number of pages and in all reality this book could have been 500 pages. The difference between The Pizza Bible and my book Pizza that was written in 2005 is quite different, much more advanced and more user friendly. The resources for professional products is great. One of my favorite pages is my " Go to flours section" where it lists some of my favorite flours and descriptions. Some of the highlight recipes in the pizza bible are the starters, multigrain, photography, bakers %, ancient and sprouted grains along with styles such as Detroit, Sicilian, and St Louis. We go deep into other areas such as making fresh mozzarella, meatballs, Italian Beef, Italian sausage and wrapped and rolled.
Great back stories for some of the recipes that have never been told. I'm really excited about this book and later on this site look for recipes that never made it into the Pizza Bible. Enjoy

Tony Gemignani admin
posted about 5 years ago

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