Wild yeast culture (aka levain) VS biga and poolish starters

Hi, guys!
Has anyone tried all these variations of sourdough? What are your thoughts about the quality and taste of a dough made this way?
I was cultivating my wild yeast culture for a week and today I’ve made my first naturally leavened pizza ever. No yeast at all. The results are perfect, the corniccione is light and airy, but the dough balls get overfermented pretty fast. Using biga or poolish as a starter gives awesome results as well, the dough lives longer, but the end result doesn’t look like what I get with a starter, made with a levain...

Giorgio O.
posted 11 months ago

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Hi Giorgio, In the past I've purchased starters from sourdo.com. They have a variety of starters from all around the world. The two I purchased yielded great results, but at some point I stopped maintaining them.

These days, if I'm not using a straight dough, I will go with a poolish. The results are fantastic, and given how simple it is, it's well worth the extra step.

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Raj Irukulla admin
posted 11 months ago

Hi, Raj!
Thank you for your reply. Definitely, poolish is great, I love the results I get with it. To tell you the truth, right now I’m working on my custom pizza dough, so I’m trying to figure out the best starters and techniques.

- Giorgio   11 months ago

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