2000g. Big Batch of Master Dough mixed by hand

Tuesday: Made the Poolish

Wednesday: Mixed the dough and did a bulk ferment overnight in the fridge.

Thursday: Degassed the dough and portioned out the dough balls, 8oz. Each

The ... (more)

posted 11 months ago

Molino Polselli 00 Neapolitan Pizza Flour.....has anyone tried it?

Has anyone tried Molino Polselli's 00 Neapolitan Style Flour?

This is a top shelf artisan flour and what makes it so is their unique milling process. Unlike your standard 00 Flour they mill only ... (more)

Alex J.
posted over 2 years ago

How much semolina should I add to my 00 dough?

I use 00 flour to make my dough and would like to add semolina to it. How much, if any, should I use?

I am very proud as my makeshift pizza oven, AKA gas grill, makes a beautiful 4-minute pie.

Paul Ferdenzi
posted over 1 year ago