Molino Polselli 00 Neapolitan Pizza Flour.....has anyone tried it?

Has anyone tried Molino Polselli's 00 Neapolitan Style Flour?

This is a top shelf artisan flour and what makes it so is their unique milling process. Unlike your standard 00 Flour they mill only ... (more)

Alex J.
posted almost 5 years ago

How much semolina should I add to my 00 dough?

I use 00 flour to make my dough and would like to add semolina to it. How much, if any, should I use?

I am very proud as my makeshift pizza oven, AKA gas grill, makes a beautiful 4-minute pie.

Paul Ferdenzi
posted almost 4 years ago

2000g. Big Batch of Master Dough mixed by hand

Tuesday: Made the Poolish

Wednesday: Mixed the dough and did a bulk ferment overnight in the fridge.

Thursday: Degassed the dough and portioned out the dough balls, 8oz. Each

The ... (more)

posted about 3 years ago