Autolyse question...

Thank you for this great community! I am new here, but excited to contribute! I have a question…
I have been using the master Dough recipe with a poolish and have been pretty happy with the ... (more)

James F.
posted about 4 years ago

Autolyse Method-too wet and lumpy

I have already read the other posts about the autolyze method, but I am not sure if they specifically address my questions.

Last night I followed the Master Dough Without Starter recipe (page 48 o... (more)

Frank S.
posted over 3 years ago

Pizza Bible - Neapolitan Dough Procedure

Hello Fellow Pizzamakers!

I switched from Jeff Varasano's dough preparation method to Tony G's about 10 weeks ago.

I followed Jeff's method pretty faithfully, but used a preferment (as per Tony... (more)

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Carlo Showalter
posted over 4 years ago

Autolyse Method Question

I am a little confused with the details of the autolyse method and the water for the remaining recipe. I've done this before in making my dough but I was doing it wrong. My confusion is this: Flou... (more)

Jeff Petersmeyer
posted over 4 years ago