Baker's Percentages For Pizza Bible Neapolitan Dough Recipe

In the Pizza Bible, on page 302, you list the quantity of yeast as .5%. I assume that weight is referring to cake yeast, and not active dry?

Dean T.
posted almost 5 years ago

Amount of yeast for Neapolitan Dough without Starter

I'd like to make the Neapolitan dough without a starter. What percentage of yeast I should use?

Fernand J.
posted over 4 years ago

Baker's Percentage on Master Dough with Poolish Starter seems to be not correct

Hello, everyone!
I'm the new guy to pizzamaking and just got my copy of Tony's Pizza Bible. And here is what I found:
The baker's percentages chart says that when making Master Dough with Starter y... (more)

Giorgio O.
posted almost 3 years ago

Amount of Fresh Yeast for Master Dough Recipe

I am going to make master dough but have a question. The Pizza Bible recommends using fresh yeast 2 or 3 times as much as active dry yeast.

If I make dough with 453 grams flour, I am supposed to... (more)

marlboro man
posted almost 5 years ago