Balls didn't hold during proofing

Using the Neopolitan dough recipe, everything looked great, felt great. I opened my proofing boxes after 24 hours and the dough balls had flattened and spread out. I had to use a knife to separate t... (more)

Stacey C.
posted almost 5 years ago

First Time - Master w/starter So sticky, cant ball it

Hey guys. Pictures attached.
My first pizza attempt :) I failed.
Trying to work out where I went wrong. I just couldn't ball the dough. It was a sticky mess!

I *thought* I followed the book to ... (more)

John Soden
posted over 1 year ago

Balling the dough question

I hope I explain this easily and properly and can get some help. Following all the steps in getting pizza Bible for the master dough recipe, I let the dough bulk ferment for 24 hours then put it in ... (more)

Jacob K.
posted about 2 years ago


This is my 2nd dough making project: Master Dough with Starter.

Yesterday, made my starter (Poolish) and it fermented very well within 12+ hours. So I made a corporate decision to make my dough t... (more)

Kathryn Wickstrom
posted about 2 years ago