Custom-built Coal Fired Ovens

for over 30 years I have been part of the resurgence of coal fire burning pizza ovens. I have fine-tuned my craft to build ovens such as John's on Broadway Totonnos in Coney Island and Lombari in M... (more)

Victor Amato
posted almost 4 years ago

coal fired: Toxic to folks and the environment

Below are some interesting articles related to pizza places burning large amounts of coal to make (retro) pizzas.

htt... (more)

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Maria .
posted over 2 years ago

What kind of mozzarella is used on New York style coal-fired pizza?

I'm trying to find the brand or type of mozzarella that is used at pizzerias like Lombardi's, Grimaldi's and Totonno's. Everything I've tried using doesn't have the same melt. Is it a special bran... (more)

Bill Fleischer
posted almost 5 years ago