Doughmate vs plastic wrap and sheet pan

I bought a doughmate tray with a lid and was wondering if using that is the same or as good as plastic wrapping the half-sheet pan. Does it matter how tight the air seal is for proofing? It seems lik... (more)

Dave K.
posted over 1 year ago

dough-ball skin up or dough-ball skin down?

Hi pizza loving community!
im cooking my home pizzas in a wood fired oven and wondering if it mattered which way the dough-ball should be on the cooking stone floor be once stretched out from when i... (more)

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Daniel Borg
posted 9 months ago

Size of dough ball

I have been looking at dough ball weights. For most 12 inch pizzas, recommended sizes range from 177-304 grams. The Bible Bible calls for 370 grams for New York Style. Can someone explain the differe... (more)

Bill O.
posted over 1 year ago

Prepare pizza dough for sale. What is the best way to pack?

Hi, all of you!
I'm working on a new pizza concept with pizza boxes where you get delivered everything you need for 3 great pizzas Friday night. Like dough, Tomato sauce, toppings, cheese etc. in a ... (more)

Jesper Rasmussen
posted about 1 year ago