How to Measure Yeast for Poolish Starter

My palm scale has not arrived yet and my current scale only registers to o grams. What is the best way for me to measure 0.36 grams of fresh yeast for the Poolish Starter?

Joe Carbone
posted almost 2 years ago

Fresh yeast vs dry active

Should I activate the fresh yeast in warm water of 100° before I put it into the dough bowl which consists of water at 75°?

When adding sugar and salt, does the yeast need to be added before the s... (more)

Johnny R.
posted over 4 years ago

Source for fresh yeast?

It seems like fresh yeast is getting harder to find. The regular grocery store I normally go to used to have it but not anymore. Nowhere else I have looked carries it either. I haven't looked for it ... (more)

Chuck W.
posted over 4 years ago

How long is fresh yeast good stay good for?

How long will fresh yeast stay good?

Noah L.
posted over 4 years ago

Type of yeast to use


Here in the UK (or at least where I live in the UK!), I find it easier to get hold of fresh yeast than active dry yeast (well, quality stuff anyway). So this has me wondering whether I can jus... (more)

Byron Buck
posted almost 2 years ago